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Matteo Leoni Fuerteventura

Meet "El Parce"

Founder cocoworking

Hi! I am Matteo. I've lived in Fuerteventura for a number of years, and on the island I'm well-known as "El Parce", which means "friend" in Colombian. When you come to cocoworking, I want you to meet me, El Parce. The guy who will welcome you with a smile and a handful of secrets about this island. The guy who is in love with the good life, and will make sure you get nothing less but a perfect experience!

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Why cocoworking?

Matteo Leoni, our young and passionate Italian Colombian founder & CEO of cocoworking set off with a clear-cut mission: the desire to create a space that attracts skilled like-minded people who think outside the mainstream work ethos, encouraging the exchange between local and external worldwide communities that support productivity, collaboration and connection to a wider goal.


A place where people can feel free and empowered to craft their work in ways that give them purpose. His beliefs come from the islands natural surroundings, a constant source of inspiration, far away from the excessive need to consume, but rather safeguard a balance to protect not only one’s quality of life but also that of your community... Did we mention he LOVES surfing? Call him “El Parce” in the water and he will “shaka” right back at you.

Where cocoworking?

Located in the heart of El Cotillo, a quaint seaside town on the northern  part of Fuerteventura, our space can be easily recognised by the ‘cobalt  blue’ glazed windows overlooking the beautiful square of Calle Santiago Apostol. Located in front of a famous yet feared spot “La Puntilla” have a  coffee, take a break, and wonder just a couple of steps down there, if the  swell comes in big enough, you’ll get the chance to see some amazing pro local surfing.

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